BrandEcho offers a complement of social media content development and digital engagement services.

We combine the power of social media marketing with the creation of customized channel content designed to tap the lifestyle interests and indices of our clients’ key targets.  Social media moves at lightning speed.  To be successful, it is essential for brands to also move nimbly – and using strong insights, to orchestrate campaigns and initiatives in real time that are designed to meet intended goals within budget, and on a desired timeline.


Our key services include:

  • Creative content development
  • Online brand advocacy
  • Community manager fulfillment
  • Social media research and monitoring
  • Crisis escalation management
  • Blog strategy and content management
  • Search engine optimization and marketing

It is imperative that our clients know and understand how to go beyond demographics and incorporate the lifestyle interests, discussion drivers and psychographics of the customers they’re targeting – and be able to tap and penetrate the influential social channels where their most important online conversations are taking place. We assist our clients in identifying and managing these strategic objectives through the use of analytics tools, through the adaptation of customer segmentation and consumer persona data, and via the continual mapping of online chatter and consumer behavior on relevant channels against our clients’ core brand awareness growth ambitions.

Only by continually listening to this dialog and engaging with key targets in a highly collaborative manner, can brands unlock the full potential of the medium.  Executed properly, social media enables customers to be heard in a tangible way that fosters a viable information and emotional exchange capable of cementing loyalty, influencing purchase decision and impacting consumer mind-think on a mainstream scale.

The intersection of Public Relations and Digital Marketing is inextricably intertwined.

At this intersection, neither discipline resides in a vacuum. What happens in the Public Relations realm impacts the social channel dialog, and vice versa – and all BrandEcho digital marketing initiatives integrate both online and off-line communications to achieve campaign success.