CSF Image

BrandEcho was hired in 2014 to provide brand identity support for a non-profit arm of existing agency client, Child Success Center (a speech and language and occupational therapy/developmental center for children with learning and behavioral delays). The institute was in the process of creating a stand-alone non-profit foundation to fuel financial support to help families fund essential therapy for their kids with Sensory Processing disorders, Autism and other behavioral issues.

As part of the brand identity program, the agency was tasked with creating a unique original logo for the Foundation that would artistically and conceptual convey the story of the organization: one which was focused on tapping the family and community network beneath every child in need to help transform that child’s personal potential and ability to integrate more effectively into mainstream society. The agency Creative Team developed a beautiful supporting hands “tree” illustration to serve as the focal point of the Foundation’s logo, which became the cornerstone of a highly successful “story telling” brand campaign and the accompanying Child Success Foundation website (also a product of BrandEcho Creative).