The leadership of BrandEcho Communications has represented the industry’s most notable brands for more than 20 years – leading multi-million dollar practices and serving Fortune 500 companies such as Sony, Nestle and Procter and Gamble companies at some of the largest multi-nationals firms.  Today, we bring that same proven expertise and series of tactical disciplines to a fresh, nimble agency environment that specializes in strategic consultation, consumer marketing, and public awareness campaigns serving key sectors.


From packaged goods and branded products to retail, restaurants and hospitality, the team at BrandEcho has worked with some of the biggest global consumer marketing entities, including Sony, Nestle, Levi Strauss, Pioneer Electronics, and ESPN. We are consummate lifestyle marketers who understand that good brand building always lays the foundation to create and sustain a strong identity in the hearts and minds of consumers. In the end, this cohesively managed brand communications effort helps to Amplify the Conversation with your core target on multiple levels – generating a competitive advantage and, ultimately, translating into increased sales. Our expertise in this arena includes A to Z marketing communications support: Marketing and press collateral development, media relations, press tours, special events, promotions, celebrity endorsments, cause-related initiatives, and more.
In today’s increasingly competitive environment, reputation management is more important than ever – it’s a company or organization’s most coveted commodity. The BrandEcho team has extensive experience in managing B2B campaigns and image reputation programs that can directly protect and advance your organization’s bottom line to help your catapult to the “top of the pack.” Our services include competitive market analysis, press release development, media relations strategy, opinion polls, thought leadership initiatives, and crisis contingency management. Any issue that impacts your stakeholders demands a strategic communications P.O.V. and we directly tie Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to the Public Relations agenda. Don’t ignore the opportunity to increase market share by creating a distinct voice in the marketplace that will resonate with customers, strategic partners, and investors alike. Specialty areas include: Banking/finance, deal management (mergers and acquisition), online payments, credit unions, personal finance, automotive, and venture capital.
It’s a technology-focused world – and organizations that aren’t on top of the trends are already losing essential market value. BrandEcho has solidified its reputation and heritage by growing strong technology product and services “roots.” Our team brings deep experience in wireless/telecom, e-commerce, online technology, electronics, sustainable energy, and cloud computing to the marketplace – and we offer a track record of media successes and strategic acumen for technology brands of every color, flavor and size … from old to new, from Fortune 500 brands to entrepreneurial start-ups.
One of the single most dynamic and exciting areas of marketing communications is the field of healthcare. The state of medicine and patient care is transforming national and global headlines daily. Especially newer players in this market are ripe for a robust communications agenda that helps growing, visionary organizations keep pace with a quickly evolving industry. From the politics, the technology, the explosion of healthcare advances that include genomics, digital diagnostics, EMR, breakthrough medicines, and the growing role of integrated nutrition to on-the-cusp research that is changing the game for patients and practitioners at a mind-blowing pace, our team has the seasoned healthcare space experience that spans each of the above fields.
The BrandEcho team has extensive experience in the arena of sustainable practices – helping corporations and organizations to promote their commitments to a Triple Bottom Line revenue philosophy and culture. Whether it’s helping them to devise a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) marketing platform, align with influencers and thought leaders who espouse a Three P’s (people, planet, profits) business approach, or create and publicize a social cause agenda or co-promotional partnership, our team can offer the strategic guidance, collective creative power and connections to help your organization convey your posture as a true Millennial Brand.

Tapping Experiential Marketing

The use of “experiential” marketing is just one of the many tools in our arsenal built around a series of proven strategies designed to help the brands we represent relate to and connect with a varied audience base. Using a menu of communications techniques, we help our clients to engage with and drive a reciprocal, two-way conversation with consumers that builds community, generates an ongoing dialog, and fosters the truly “sticky” relationships that cement long-term customer loyalty.


We invite you to get to know our team of diverse professionals. Let us help you to create “brand echo” for your business that resonates within your respective marketplace.